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Welcome to Seamant

The company SEAMANT is active in the field of underwater fishing and especially in Premium wooden handmade snorkels of renowned manufacturers.

The wood is carefully selected to be of excellent quality, giving maximum attention to the construction and design of each wooden handmade fishing rifle. For each wooden snorkel, it takes many weeks to complete.

In all our snorkels, the appropriate shafts, trigger mechanisms, bands and reel are selected, which after many tests at sea, combine maximum efficiency and reliability, providing each of our customers with a perfectly functional and unique work of art! 

Seamant collection

Premium Spearguns

We have a huge selection of more than 180 ready-to-use handmade wooden snorkels, open head, rollers and invert rollers, in natural wood color or painted with color combinations.

Wooden handmade sniper rifles , are unique in themselves and have huge advantages over other weapons.

Some of them are : the increased mass which means very little recoil hence better accuracy, or the option to have the perfect buoyancy when boating that every angler desires, the possibility for many different set ups , the appropriate shape we can give etc.

Also , their maintenance is exactly the same as all snorkelers, which means after each fishing trip, washing with fresh water and storage.

Perfect equipment. Great dives.


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